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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 6, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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more of their money to the federal government, without raising tax rates, which we believe will harm our economy. >> treasury secretary tim geithner also weighed in yesterday saying the president is willing to allow the nation to go over the cliff if republicans don't agree to raise taxes on the wealthy. we are learning new details about colorado's shooting suspect james holmes now that thousand of e-mails in the case have been reap leased. messages indicate holmes may have had a brief romantic relationship in the days before the tragedy. we have learned that in early june, holmes began specifically talking and fantasizing about killing a lot of people. his psychiatrist was so worried that she broke confidentiality and then contacted campus police. here in new york, a suspect has been charged with murder for shoving a man to his death on the subway tracks. police say, 30-year-old, naim davis admitted to pushing the victim after the two argued on
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the platform. the judge denied davis bail. he admitted to police he stayed on the platform watching the man get struck by the subway. the long search for two missing iowa cousins apparently ended in heartbreak. the body of two little girls have been discovered by huntersen a wooded area not far from where the cousin were last seen. 11-year-old lyric cook and 9-year-old elizabeth collins disappeared outside ride tharg bikes. many who parade for their safe return gathered for a sad vigil last night instead. overseas to the philippines where the death toll from a powerful storm reaches the unthinkable. 350 have been confirmed dead. hundred more missing. 200 of the victims died in the valley alone. including 78 villagers and soldiers swept away in a flash flood. that's where entire families were lost. hard to speech the little kids struggling. extreme weather like this
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has some people asking whether it is the result of climate change. well they also point to the melting ice at the north pole. abc meteorologist ginger zee has more. >> reporter: nearly snowless in december. right now only 7% of the united states is covered in snow. that's even less than this time last year. when 32% of the nation was laced in winter white. not enough snow means no skiing. yet. this resort in washington state has had to wait. >> impatiently. to get our show on the road here. >> reporter: less snow helped make it warmer this past week. almost 700 record high temperatures have been set in the past five days. all of that will contribute to 2012 likely becoming the warmest on record in the lower 48. while one week or one season cannot tell a climate story, a longer range report card would released by noaa, the subject, the arctic, record were broken this year. in 2012 there was less know and more sea ice melting than they ever measured before.
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satellites started measuring arctic ice in 1979. since then half has disappeared. and just this year, 4 1/2 million square smiles melted, an area the size of the u.s. and mexico combined. >> melting on the greenland ice sheet is a beg concern. bah that is moving water that is currently, thawing the ice moving it into the ocean. if that continues it will have an impact on people who live in coastal regions. >> jen jer zee, abc news, new york. there is a lot of folks out there think, global warming or climate change as the it is better called is a hoax or need study. look at pieces like that. and the numbers. i don't know. it is not global warming or climate change someone explain to me what it is then. that's all. >> really truly only been tracking this since 1976 i think it is. >> numbers since then are pretty alarming. >> we are talking about what, 46 years, as opposed to thousand of years. >> but imagine itch the rate of
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the last, 46 years lasts 1,000 years what will our planet look look if it is exists. >> dooms day. doomsday. the world is ending on december 21. >> all right. we are getting a stunning new look right now at our planet while it exists from way up in space. nasa just released these pretty spectacular images of earth at night. taken from a new satellite. dense galaxy clusters come alive there in the dark. the remarkably detailed views even show brightly lit boats along the nile river. flames from mideast oil exploration and raging wildfires in australia. that is detailed. >> i think my kids night light in new york city showed up there too. a look at your weather, everybody. rain, mountain snow in the northwest. a chance of showers, denver, des moines, ohio valley, scattered showers in the northeast. coldest air of the season for the northeast. bundle up. >> yes, 39 in boston. 42 in new york. 40s from detroit, to the twin
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city. pacific norlthwest. >> icicles in there. this time of year the stories are great to see. the kind where people are giving gifts rather than buying them. what? altruism. >> even better when the gifts are given with nothing expected in return. in tennessee, an anonymous donor dropped 48, $100 bills into a red kettle outside a k mart in chattanooga. a note said please give and give generously. >> secret santas busy in the area. last week, some one dropped $3,700 into a red kettle not too far away. >> like the guy in the stores, hand out $100 bills, and this year gave to victims of hurricane sandy. genuine giving. after that black friday madness. nice to see. who ever did it well done. >> amen, thank you. coming up next, the electronic device you use every
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♪ ♪ isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful ♪
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>> stevie wonder. no one does it better. >> an a-able girl caught in the middle of an ugly battle. adopted nearly two years ago by a couple in utah. >> now her biological father has come forward saying he never even knew she existed. now he wants custody. abc's mohamed lila has the story. >> reporter: the innocent baby girl trapped in a bitter custody battle. on one side, the girl's biological father. on the other her adoptive parents. terry is a staff sergeant in the u.s. army. two years ago while stationed in south carolina his now ex-wife tyra bland was giving birth in utah. he says he had no clue he was never told he was going to be a father or that his baby girl had been put up for adoption. >> she has a ragt ight to be abo be with her father. that was taken away. >> reporter: his attorney says his ex-wife intentionally gave the adoption agency the wrong
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contact information meaning they could never reach him for consent. >> he knew i was pregnant. he left when i was showing. i was 7 months pregnant. i lived this. i lived this for three days straight. i lived in that home with no food with my baby girl. >> reporter: the judge ordered the girls adoptive parents, jared and christie frye to give the girl back within 60 days. but they aren't giving in. their lawyers telling abc news in a statement -- they believe the district court made some fundamental errors in its decision. and it will raise those with the appropriate appellate court. >> this is a really sad case all around. it is possible that every single person in this case was freeing to do what was in the best interest of the child. >> reporter: as for the child the young girl caught in the middle of all this sunny will be turning 2 years old in march. at this point there is no indication if if she will spend the birthday with her adoptive parents or biological father . w >> where do you begin to unravel
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that one? if the birth couple, they're disputing each other's stories. that is a hard thing to sort out right there. did he know or not know? >> you have to look when he was deployed. if he was deployed when she was 7 months pregnant and she was showing. >> he had to have known. >> he had to have known. i was showing after eight days let's len eight months. >> that was probably the mcrib sandwich popping through. >> big mac. >> hope they solve it. heartbreaking. hopefully the girl gets into a loving home. >> she is already in a loving home. >> either way. lot of folks love her. i guess a good thing. still to come when your body is your paycheck you need a serious workout. >> up next we are learning the fitness routines of victor vict secret models. >> yes, indeed. yes, indeed. thank you, lord, thank you, ♪
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yes, the pressure to be perfect. but if any women can pull off a flawless, well, look no further than the victoria's secret angels. >> it take is a whole lot of work looking that good. abc's linsey davis find out their secret. pay attention. ♪ >> reporter: it's the ultimate exhibition of precious little clothing, wings and a whole lot of heavenly body. now some of the victoria's secret angels are giving us a glimpse of what it take to be toned and runway ready. models have taken to social media to show off workouts. and a breakfast recipe of flax seed and acai powder. and candice, showed the bruised knuckles following the preshow boxing workout. ♪ >> reporter: the secret many of
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us want to know, how do the model moms get back on the run way so soon after giving birth? surprisingly the secret for some isn't found at the gym on a treadmill or even lifting weights. some angels are simply taking a leap of faith. mary helen bower, a former dancer with the new york city ballet trains clients using a low impact ballet-based fitness regiment. she spent a year working with natalie portman for academy award winning role in "black swan" and recently got victoria's secret model ly aldridge on the run way five months after giving birth. >> can't imagine a better calling card, yeah, the women in victoria's secret run way, i train them. lily, had a baby, five months before, hitting the runway, how did you do that? >> focus on the areas you want to tighten up after having a
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baby, waist, abs, all through the legs, the butt, upper body as well. >> reporter: in the name of journalism. >> all right, check out my ballet moves. bowers had me start my ballet 101 class on a mat for low impact stretching. >> is that right? >> that is good. >> reporter: her average client does 3 hours of the fitness plan a week and feels a difference in two weeks. just pulse down. two, three, good. four. good, that looks awesome. >> reporter: after 40 grueling minutes in bower's studio, i have a lot more respect for all those angels. >> did you have a good time? >> reporter: the newest angel. >> put your swan arms on. you are ready to go. >> eat your hearts out, victoria's secret. >> every time you do a butt crunch, an angel gets her wings. [ laughter ] linsey davis. >> i know what i am getting,
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welcome back, everybody. kind of a bizarre, weird story here. with a good ending. never heard anything quite like this. out of the san jose, california area here. authorities say a handyman was literally threatened, beaten, and then forced to do repair work in a home by two suspects. it all started there was a dispute about work he had done for one of the suspect's relatives. they kidnapped the guy forced him to spend seven hours at a home there in the san jose area, beat him, forced him to do work on appliances, monday, tried to drive him to another location. he escaped. called 911. police caught up with suspect inside of a convenience store.
2:56 am
literally kept the guy, handyman. fix this, fix that for seven hours got violent with him. he escaped. again, it helps to be a handyman in every sense of the word. >> he probably used the power screwdriver and the hammer that they gave him to escape. >> whatever he had to to. dumb criminals. don't mess with handy people. he is a handy man. he can get out of the situation. >> can you tell by the tone of my voice what i am feeling now? >> little sad. down on your luck. i understand it's all right. >> in the not too distant future your phone will be able to detect your feeling. >> your phone can detect your feeling? oh, whoa. >> by the sound of your voice it will detect if you are stressed. and book a massage. sad, cue up anti-depressants. an algorithm that detects human emotion, anger, sadness, disgust, happiness, fear, neutral. what am i feeling now? >> not because you tell the
2:57 am
phone. bah it hears something in your voice and triggers, you sound upset you need the massage. >> i do. i do. >> a cocktail or whatever. >> i need a cocktail, that's what i need. >> whatever makes it feel belter, it will put itself on vibrate. of course, we love silly visual things in tell vegs neevision n. how about dogs being taught to drive? >> you know sawing but that. >> bada-boom. she is here all week. a dog that can drive, must be a rover. the canines taught to get behind the wheel. so, just, funny video. why they're doing this and how. doesn't really matter. just a dog driving. >> all right. the facts of sitting too long can reduce your life expectancy. and researchers developed a sitting pad, sets off a loud beeping noise if you don't move for a long period of time. if you try to sit back on it before you have taken an
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extended break it will set the sigh run off
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this morning on "world news now" -- disturbing developments about the 11-year-old leukemia patient let out of of a phoenix hospital by her mother a week ago. >> her father claims he knows where she is. out of the country. it is thursday, december 6th. >> announcer: from abc new, this is "world news now." good thursday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. police in arizona fear that girl could be in great danger. we are going to give you the latesten our top story. then a major advance in fighting cancer. what researchers discovered about a very popular cancer drug. and it is making a big difference. >> in fact, the treatments folks
3:01 am
are on. stay tuned for that. for sure. also this morning, turning to homeownership turning it into much needed income, a good thing. that is the goal behind reverse mortgages. but some people are now losing out on the american dream and you will see why. another lesson in, you know what is advertised isn't always the real deal. real deal. so be careful particularly with your money and people's biggest asset their home. >> a matter are the people misinformed or are lenders preying on them, preying on innocent people. later she is reinventing herself at the young age of 80. loretta young is historying the road appealing to new younger fans. no wonder she is the first lady of country music. >> looks good for 80, man. loretta still looks great. get to that. >> 80. unbelievable. >> may we all age that well. all the stories coming up in just a second. let's begin with the developing
3:02 am
story out of syria. new fears this morning about the possible use of chemical weapons by the regime, of president bashir al-assad. intelligence was raising fear that the regime was preparing to to the weapons against rebels. now senior u.s. officials tell us that government forces have been moving chemical weapons on or near syrian airfield and it is believed that components of deadly sarin gas have been loaded into bombs at the airfield. monday, president obama warned syria not to use its chemical arsenal. we will stay on top of this developing story on this thursday morning. >> the u.s. made it very clear any use of chemical weapons by the assad regime would be a red line for the country we would, unlo unlike up until now, invoke military action to solve the situation, rebels getting close to damascus, a precarious situation, any use of chemical weapons would spawn deeper u.s. intervention. so something militarily families
3:03 am
may want to keep an eye on as that develops. >> 100 people dying a day since the weekend. in damascus. major developments in the case of the missing leukemia patient. >> last seen on a hospital security video more than a week ago. now her father claims she is in mexico. abc's brandi hitt joins us from los angeles with the latest twist on this strange story. brandi. >> reporter: good morning, rob, paula. at first emily's father denied knowing where his daughter was. now he says his family had good reason to move her from the hospital early. after a week-long search for 11-year-old emily, last seen here at phoenix children's hospital, emily's father has come forward to announce she is safe in mexico. >> hi, daddy. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: in this interview on nbc's "today" show, luis claims his wife took emily while she was receiving cancer treatment because she had contracted an infection in her
3:04 am
right arm which had to be amputated. he also says his family was being pressured over medical bills and insurance. >> i'm very upset, angry, and, without any answers and what happened. why we were treated this way. >> reporter: but doctors and police believe emily's parents put the 11-year-old leukemia patient's life in danger because she had a catheter in her heart which they say could have led to a deadly infection. >> people don't want medical attention can leave. in this particular case though we have again an 11-year-old girl who can't decide for herself. >> reporter: in a statement the hospital saiden part, phoenix children's hospital is deeply concerned about emleap's safety and well-being. clinical decisions are not based on ability to pay. her father insists he was not involved in taking emily across the border where he says his daughter is now receiving treatment. >> she is well. and she is, she is fine. >> reporter: phoenix police say they can't be sure because
3:05 am
emily's family refuses to return their call. for now they are still concerned and still searching for her. rob an paula. >> thanks to brandi now. to kansas city and the 3-month-old daughter of former chiefs linebacker jovan bechler, little zoey be belcher will rec $1 million. payments up to age 23 if sheaf attend college. mean tile, several chiefs play ears tend a memorial service for belcher yesterday. he killed his girlfriend at the house they shared on saturday before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. but his little daughter will receive at least $1 million from the nfl as she grows up. $9,000 per month for the next four years. and then $4,000 per month from age 4 until she turns 18 or if she does go to college. >> 23 goes to college. so incentive to stay in school. covered by the league's health care plan for the next, five years. as well. so the team was represented at,
3:06 am
his funeral service, yesterday. and will also have team representation at his girlfriend's service, in a few days. so it is still a tragic situation at least you know the little girl the real victim in all of this will be taken care of by the league. >> as will beneficiaries receive $1.2 million. not stating who the beneficiaries are at the moment though. trajic though. in other news this morning. major developments in the fight against breast cancer. a new study find a popular cancer fighting drug should be taken twice as long as the current recommendation. with more on this, here is abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: tamoxofen is prescribed for women after breast cancer treatment to prevent a recurrence of the dise. current guidelines suggest a course of treatment lasting five years. now a study in lancet could extend the recommended course to ten year. >> the risk of blood clot on tamoxifen is similar to a birth
3:07 am
control pill. >> reporter: 7,000 women studied with er positive breast cancer and compared five-year use with ten-year use. patient who continued tamoxifen had a 2.8% lower rate of breast cancer death. >> i don't have any side effect from it. my quality of life continued to get stronger. i really believed that, i was just one of though people who was going to die young. i just, i believed that. and now, i catch myself planning like very earnestly saying that will be such a fun trip when we are 80. >> reporter: the greatest benefit seen between 10 and 14 years after diagnosis when women treated for ten years had a 25% lower recurrent risk and 29% lower breast cancer mortality risk. the authors say the data suggest that ten years of tamoxifen treatment can cut breast cancer deaths approximately in half in the second decade after diagnosis. >> every morning we wake up and say "thank you for this great day and now let's go out and work and play."
3:08 am
we just remind each other that every day is something to be thankful for. >> reporter: larry jacobs, abc new, new york. >> what a fabulous development there. major medical headline this morning from baltimore. where doctors believe an implanted device could help patients with alzheimers. john hopkins researchers call it pacemaker for the brain. it has been used in thousand of parkinson's patients and tested on people with early stage alzheimers to see if they can, if the electricity can boost memory. surgeons implanted the first device into an alzheimers patient last month. new consumer alert for parents with babies about a product with potentially deadly defect. consumer product safety commission says five deaths are linked to portable baby recliners sold as products called the nap nanny or the chill, more than 100,000 of these products from a company called baby matters, have now been sold. the government is demanding refund for the customers, the
3:09 am
company refused. and then went out of business. here is what is passing for progress to avoid the fiscal cliff at year's end. president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke about it on the phone with one another. that discussion came as treasury secretary tim geithner confirmed mr. obama is prepared to take the economy over the cliff unless republicans agree to raise tax rates on the wealthy. meantime in georgia, some activists expressed frustration about the stalemate in holiday spirit. they delivered symbolic lumps of kill to the offices of both of their state's u.s. senators. security guard met them, at chambliss' office. a few were let inside without the camera and media present. of course. that would have been the real story. >> folks are upset now. see what happens january 1 after you get the first paycheck and go, oh, this is what the fiscal cliff meant. yeah. 2013. the next story involves a new grassroots campaign that is
3:10 am
starting. meant to draw attention to the nation's debt crisis. it is our "favorite story of the day." the campaign is called -- "the can kicks back." aimed at young people and features former republican senator allen simpson, a rather spry allen simpson at that. >> stop instagraming your breakfast and tweeting your problems and getting on youtube so you can see gangnam style. >> gangnam style! >> ha-ha. >> shake what your mama gave you, allen. >> mercy me. mercy me. loving this. >> 81-year-old allen going gangnam style. best empregs impression of psy. >> america at its finest. the campaign urges young people to use socialed me y to get people to sign a petition calling for a bipartisan solution to the nation's $16
3:11 am
trillion debt. i will give $100 if he just stops. stops. >> keep going. he dances better than me doesn't he? >> that's impressive, man. >> it is. >> how serious he is about the debt. get up and do gangnam style. >> serious point you have to inform yourself on what is going on. please do. >> no matter what be in the no. not that we could top that. coming up next, the prank that served as a weakup call to the hospital and the royal family. >> first lady of country music is showing everyone, terrible accent, right. showing everyone you are never too old to try something new. you are watching "world news now." >> "world news now." >> "world news now." ♪ ♪ no time that ain't all on my mind ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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♪ ♪ well you have seen the commercials on tv, ad that promise reverse mortgages to solve your money problems and every other problem, 99 of them right. >> exactly. companies are targeting senior citizen and in some cases causing people to lose everything. now congress is taking some action. abc's jim avila reports.
3:16 am
>> it was just grand, this was our dream. >> reporter: the family home, dream and nest egg for wisconsin's linda and jim mcmahon until it had to be sold out from under linda to pay back a reverse mortgage as soon as her husband died. >> i get a letter sorry to hear about your huh band passing away. buy the house or move out. >> reporter: reverse mortgages give homeowners an immediate cash payment in exchange for future equity allowing them to stay in the house until death. but only people 62 and older qualify. linda was too young to be on the mortgage so when her older husband died, she lost everything. it is only one danger inherent in the reverse mortgage. >> hi, i'm fred thompson. >> reporter: critics say, tv commercials prey on seniors. the government is warning reverse mortgages are not free money. >> turn equity into tax free cash. >> give you tax free cash. >> they're not being stoetold.
3:17 am
>> reporter: 57,000 seniors in reverse mortgages are in danger of losing their homes. nearly 10% foreclosure rate, 4 times hyperthan traditional mortgages. the department of housing and urban development will recommend that congress prohibit large lump sum payments and recommend seniors be careful with reverse mortgages. if the reverse mortgage the last option? >> i really think it should be, absolutely. >> reporter: an option. >> it is a wonderful house. >> reporter: linda mcmahon regrets taking. >> i hope somebody enjoys it. >> here is problem in a nutshell. unlike traditional mortgage. make your payments. equity. a reverse mortgage pays out equity in your home as cash. increases your debt and decreases your equity. the problem in ape nutshell. that's how the woman got into the situation she did. it sound good, like with everything there is a downside commercials don't tell you about. >> h.u.d., discussing two ways
3:18 am
to address the problem. unfortunate to see people like that that may not have had all information had it and didn't look at it lose their beloved home. >> gamble with your biggest asset. that's the tough part. we'll be back right
3:19 am
well there are very few people in music that truly can be called living legend. if any body embody that title it has got to be loretta lynn. >> from a coal miner's daughter in butcher holler, kentucky to superstar at age 80. believe it or not she is on tour yet again. here is abc's sharyn alfonsi. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: she has had 52 hits, 16 number one songs, and at 80-year-old. loretta lynn is bona fide
3:20 am
country royalty. and she is still on the road. what is it that you like about performing still? couldn't you just kickback? >> i can still sing. >> reporter: pushing the boundaries of country. writing about the double standard women face. ♪ >> reporter: and writing "the pill" about birth control. when she released the songs country music stations retoed to play them. loretta pushed forward to become the first lady of country music. whose early years inspiring the academy award winning film "coal miner's daughter." ♪ well i was born the coal miner's daughter ♪ >> reporter: and antics became fodder for songs like "you ain't
3:21 am
woman enough." ♪ you ain't woman enough to take my man ♪ >> reporter: have you ever had to punch a woman? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and? >> there is one i would look to punch more. >> reporter: it is the honesty that drew him to loretta and produced her album bandleader rose. the album would top the country charts and alternative charts as well. and loretta would win two grammy. >> and the grammy goes to loretta lynn. >> reporter: this coal miner's daughter turning legend isn't going home anytime soon. ♪ except the memories of a coal miner's daughter ♪ >> reporter: sharyn alfonsi, hurricane mills, tennessee. >> legend doesn't seem enough of a word to describe her. a fascinating biographical stat
3:22 am
on her. >> married four months before her 14th birthday, four children by age 18. >> lack whawe look what kind ofr she inspired. >> my guitar. >> looking good. got all your teeth too. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some kind of flower maybe? remove the blindfold... awww, oh yuck! i didn't smell any of that! febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors. [ laughs ] wow, that's incredible. just another way febreze helps you breathe happy. now is a good time to think about your options. are you looking for a plan that really meets your needs
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and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. ♪ paperback writer ♪ paperback writer ♪ paperback writer >> well, a major coup for australian radio djs pretending to be the queen. they managed to get a call through to kate middleton's nurse at the hospital where she is staying. >> you sd yaid you couldn't do . i like it. they got details about kate's condition. don't know how they pulled it off. you will not believe the sound of the story. abc's david wright has the more.
3:26 am
>> reporter: a royal crank call to the bedside of a princess. an australian dj impersonating her royal highness. that well-intentioned nurse is in good company. in the past other djs managed to prank call the queen herself and even pope john paul. a miami d.j. once got through to fidel castro. during the 2008 campaign, sarah palin got called out by a canadian prankster impersonating the french president. in that case, as in this one, it
3:27 am
just being polite or was the caller convincing? could you tell the difference? the queen rarely uses the first person singular. one tend not to, does one not? nope, nothing like the palace at all. david wright, abc new, los angeles. >> i can't believe how that happened. >> i am a little shocked too. they were, i don't know. it sounded more like the queen that i saw the piece. see how they may have fallen for it. >> may have fallen for it. nobody asked for the woman to identify herself. i know she said kate's grandmother. still. >> funny. those djs, are good at that stuff. your impression is good too. you should call the hospital next see what is going on. >> uh. >> i don't think so. >> oh, willis, that is harsh.
3:28 am
>> that's all for "world news now." >> cheerio.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- doomsday plans. the white house is preparing for the worst if negotiations fail to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> one possibility in all of this, simply no agreement. the impact on the government and every single american taxpayer. it's thursday, december 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good thursday morning. >> morning. >> i'm paula faris. we did establish morning is spelled m-e-r-n-i-n-g. >> m-e-r-n-i-n-g. nicely done. >> "merning," everybody. >> i'm rob nelson. we'll get to the discouraging
3:31 am
situation on the fiscal cliff in just a moment. we do have each a verbable this morning. >> not yet. >> going to wait for it. very high tech. >> so high tech. working on this prop all day. all morning. >> weeks of planning. we also have a major development in the case of software mogul john mcafee arrested last night. this morning police are taking more action after he tried to seek asylum in guatemala. a strange story gets even stranger. again he is now under arrest. >> bizarre to the nth degree there. >> yeah. also this morning -- weeding through all the details on washington state's new law. [ coughing ] taking effect this morning. get it? that legalizes recreational marijuana use. i need you to cough please. [ coughing ] where can you light up? where can you not? >> yeah. all details. we don't want to leave you high and dry on the story. all the details on that. coming up. whew, man, willis put it down.
3:32 am
later this half-hour, rihanna sings a new career tune. if you are a fan you may be soon seeing much more of her. we'll explain what she is up to in "the skinny." rihanna is always up to something kind of offbeat and sexy at the same time. i respect that. >> should we wait for it? >> wait for it. first, the struggle over avoiding the fiscal cliff. new polling suggests support for president obama's position in the standoff with congressional republicans. >> the new associated press poll find 48% of americans want tax cuts for wealthy to expire. and it says more people want to cut government services than raise taxes to reduce the federal deficit. >> if the nation goes over the cliff at the end of the year it is going to affect everyone including the unemployed as abc's jonathan karl reports. >> reporter: melinda vega has been put on notice. if congress and the president don't get their act together, her unemployment checks will stop immediately at the end of
3:33 am
the year. >> we're dependent on that money to pay the bills. she has been what a job for a year. her $450 a week unemployment check her life line. >> we won't be able to pay some of our bills and, i mean, you know, that's for christmas and things of that nature, probably off the table. >> reporter: she is not alone. without a deal, unemployment compensation will end for more than 2 million people out of work more than 26 weeks. many of the unemployed started receiving the news this week from prerecorded phone calls like this one in washington state. >> emergency unemployment compensation shuts off end of the december unless congress votes to extend the program. >> reporter: and of course, going off the so-called fiscal cliff means a tax hike for everybody who does have a job. treasury secretary timothy geithner said the president is absolutely welling to go off the cliff unless republicans agree to raise tax rates. >> there is no prospect for an agreement that doesn't involve the rates going up on the top 2% of the wealthiest. only 2%. >> reporter: on that no
3:34 am
progress. >> where are the specifics? where are the discussions? nothing is going on. >> reporter: there have been no real talks between the white house and republicans for a week, but the president and the speaker of the house spoke via telephone. neither side would give any details about what was said. the stock market closed higher with traders optimistic a deal will be reached. jonathan karl, abc new, washington. amazing a phone call can calm the markets. impressive here. what i thought was interesting. we talked how the house is scheduled to go on vacation the 14th of the month. so actually there is a tighter deadline than the 31st. apparently, house majority leader eric kantor said we are not going on vacation until this is done. he is extending the house will be in session week of 17th. as well, the week before christmas. which is good to see. no vacations till you fellows and lady up there on capitol hill get something done on this. >> yeah, done.
3:35 am
d-u-n. right. i love what the former president bill clinton, the analogy, just a kabuki dance, he said, they're like two dogs that meet over a piece of meat, they sniff each other out, moving to a deal, that's what is going on before we head over the cliff. >> no one puts it in layman's terms, no one does it as well as bill clinton. putting it in terms everyone understand. this is our visual. this is the cliff. end of the year. this is high tech. >> oh! >> ha-ha. >> but, see. that's right. negotiations never go in a straight line. yeah. >> little crooked there. got somer use today. hanging left. >> i hate that. >> bizarre turn this morning for software tycoon john mcafee he was arrested in guatemala last night for entering the country illegally and now there is word that immigration authorities are about to send him back to belize. before his arrest, mcafee spoke exclusively to abc's matt guttmann in guatemala city. >> reporter: after weeks on the lam, software security pioneer,
3:36 am
john mcafee has resurfaced in guatemala. where we caught up with him. >> hawe how have you been? [ indiscernible ] an internet legend his name pops up when many open their computer. at one point he was worth $100 million. but in 2009, mcafee took his money and moved to tropical belize, living an eccentric lifestyle on this ocean front compound. then three weeks ago his next door neighbor turned up dead. who do you think killed greg faull? >> how would i know? how would i know? >> reporter: police want him for questioning but the 67-year-old mogul went on the run. for weeks he and his 20-year-old girlfriend lived in closets and even burying himself in the sand and he add disguises. >> i had a cane. i was walking like this. i had my jaw stuffed with toilet paper. >> reporter: but his behavior in hiding quickly brought worldwide attention to him and his sanity. all the while he kept contact with some reporters. >> if i were a mad man -- how could i drn -- >> reporter: mcafee told abc
3:37 am
news the police want him dead. the police said he is not a suspect. >> right here. >> reporter: now he is in guatemala hoping for asylum. he said he still has money and won't rule out going back to the u.s. matt guttmann, abc news, guatemala city. a federal judge in new york says a suit by roman catholics against the new health care law can go forward. the archdiocese of new york and two other groups are suing over the requirement that they must provide insurance coverage for birth control. the government had asked for that suit to be thrown out. the requirement does not take effect until just over a year from now. so the bottom line is, look, the health care law will come into effect. government says look we'll make exemptions for religious folks don't want to provide birth control because of their religious reason. they're saying look, this lawsuit is premature we are not yet done defining exemptions give us time. but the -- some of the church groups are saying, wait a minute. no. we don't trust that word. want to take action now. in new york, the biggest
3:38 am
archdiocese says this will cost $200 million a year if it goes through. so, again-- what the exemptions are not yet clear. but, the church groups don't want to waste or don't trust the government. that's what all the legal haggling, and dozens of suits around the country. that's it in a nutshell. >> the fbi says two personal computers belonging to a former top military adviser have been hacked. the attack targeted mike mullen former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. officials say since these were personal computers no classified information was compromised but they say it fits a pattern of similar attacks on former high-ranking officials. developing story from the civil war in syria. senior u.s. officials tell abc news, president bashar assad's forces have loaded nerve gas components into bombs at or near syrian airfields. it is assumed, the intent was to move the bombs onto aircraft. no way to know if that happened for certain. the issue of course has the full
3:39 am
attention of the obama administration. >> our concerns are that an increasingly desperate assad regime might turn to chemical weapons or might lose control of them to one of the many groups that are now operating within syria. >> syrian ground forces and rebels have been battling in and around syrian capital of damascus. it is now estimated that more than 40,000 people have been killed in violence in march 2011. >> just an atrocity there. now to the pink slips at citigroup. the company is slashing 11,000 jobs worldwide. about 4% of its work force. more than half of those cuts will come from consumer banking. and they're aimed at saving $900 billion next year alone. investors were apparently pleased. because citi stocks shot up more than 6%. the world's biggest coffee chain is about to get even bigger. starbuck's is planning to add 1,500 cafes across the country
3:40 am
over the next five years and another 1,500 in canada and latin america. the company has big expansion plans in china. there are currently more than 18,000 starbuck's around the globe. they're now charging $7 for the snazzy cup of coffee. so, of course they can expand. >> somekind of premium blend, exotic blend. >> flecks of gold in it. >> should for $7 a cup. your thursday forecast, everybody. we have showers from portland to seattle. up to 8 inches of snow in the cascade and northern rocky. still mild in the nation's midsection. pop-up showers around omaha, nebraska and louisville. scattered showers from the carolina coast through florida. >> 70s from dallas to miami. mostly 40s in the northwest. 77 in phoenix. 37 in billings. 'tis the season for some really funny movie, funny flicks. we want your help to pick the best, "world news now" classic christmas competition. say that five times fast. >> that is a mouthful. get this -- log on to tower
3:41 am
website at and vote. we both look borderline. >> i look cross eyed. you look constipated. >> too many candy canes. vote early and often. on our facebook page. let us know -- let us know "elf" or "bad santa" or "christmas vacation." let us know! >> we'll reveal the winners later this month and you will like the unveiling process. [ laughter ] >> we will have fun. i know what my pick is. wait to see what america and dozens of viewers have to say about that. >> america. >> one more time, watch, this is the fiscal cliff. >> hey! >> there we go. that's it. there we go. >> way to go. >> you missed again. >> oh. i hate when i miss the spot. coming up are your favorite musicians up for a grammy award this year? we'll bring it, the nominations. >> and all the questions about recreational marijuana use, legal as of this morning in washington state. [ coughing ] you're watching -- "world news now."
3:42 am
[ coughing ] ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal.
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welcome back, everybody. sad news from the music world. music pioneer dave brubeck passed away yesterday. he revolutionized jazz to put it simply. best known for the song "take
3:46 am
five" the biggest selling jazz single of all time. dave brubeck, 91, would have turned 92, in fact, today. >> and pot is now legal in washington state. but there are a lot of questions -- what are you doing? about when it is okay to smoke it. you can have it. but you can't smoke it in public. however, police say arresting people for doing so is low on their priority list. while it is okay to smoke, you can't buy it legally right now. i am thoroughly confused. so that could put the police in the tricky position of letting buyers go. arresting the dealer. things won't become clearer until next december when the state starts regulating pot. >> we'll then be able to give clear direction to law enforcement if it is not licensed by the state of washington it is fair game. >> okay, so other quirky questions about the new law. you must be 21 to use it. you can't grow it. and even though it is legal,
3:47 am
your company can still fire you for testing positive for it. if your company does indeed have a drug policy. [ willis coughing ] >> here you go, the law calls for the state to set up a network of licensed growers and pot stores. that will take at least a year. there is some time for this. assuming this whole thing will not be challenged by the federal government. still a big question mark, whether the white house wants to challenge this or not, or leave it to the ever popular defense of states rights. we'll see. >> licensed growers. >> that's it. doing it in california medically a couple years. so, yes, we hope it is made and grown here in america. >> made in the usa. made in america. >> good stuff. coming up next, can we take angelina jolie's big career decision seriously. >> how rihanna plans to enhance her career. it's all next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
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♪ skinny so skinny >> okay, rihanna celebrating the release of her album and, wild success, unapologetic and celebrating the fact she joined with style network to executive produce and style in their first ever competition reality series. what they're looking for, music meets fashion, trying to find
3:50 am
the next great fashion design superstar. going to premier in 2013, 12 episode. 10 up and coming designers selected by rihanna, be crowned next trend setting designer. don't expect to hear anything about relationship with chris brown in it. >> trying to be the next heidi klum, fashion/reality show. >> from a music perspective. she has been very fashionable. >> she looks good in anything. ain't that right, willis? >> that's right. >> willis' baby. we have to fight over here, willis. grammy nominations came out yesterday. run through these quickly, most nominated -- kanye west, jay-z, frank ocean, dan aurbach, mumford and suns, and the huge hit "we are young." now in terms of album of the year nominations, el camino, the black keys, some nights by fun, i should know that, i don't, mumford and suns.
3:51 am
channel orange, frank ocean, and blunderbuss, jack white. best new artists, alabama shakes, fun, hunter hayes, lumineers, and frank ocean. congratulations to all of the guys. grammys coming up in a few weeks. >> i recognized two groups. angelina jolie, she is telling a britain news station, believe it or not, that she is considering retirement. listen to this quote -- i enjoyed being an actress, so grateful for the job, had great experiences, i have been able to tell stories, done things for fun. hopefully if it went away tomorrow i would be very happy to be home with my children. all six of them. but she says -- i'm going to have to give up the acting as the kids hit the teenage years, too much to manage at home. and her fiance, brad pitt is shifting his focus as well. >> please don't leave us. >> good news in the marriage department, apparently told you about the breakup between danny
3:52 am
de vito and rhea pearlman. danny gave an interview, hinting they may try to reconcile and get back together. he says rhea and i are close. actually still together. just separate, but together. got married in '82. maybe there is hope for reconciliation. go. you're watching "world news now."
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
you'rechin you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ ♪ ♪ i could have another you by tomorrow ♪ >> sing it. >> to the left. i can't sing. i might embarrass myself. >> to the left. >> you embarrass yourself enough. singer, songwriter, actress, new mom, beautiful beyonce, she can do it all. >> that's right, my ex-wife she has it all it seems. but it wasn't always that way. now beyonce is opening up about her life on her terms. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> i always battled with how much do i reveal about myself. >> reporter: it is beyonce like we have never seen her before,
3:56 am
up close and very personal. >> if i'm scared. be scared. allow it. >> reporter: the 16-time grammy winner is now making her directorial debut with a documentary about her life on and off stage. a life that up until now she has gone to great lengths to keep private. the documentary set to air on hbo in february will feature plenty of videos. ♪ no, not those kind of videos. home videos and self shot interviews. >> this is the first time we are really going to see her private side. it is going to make 2013 really her year. >> reporter: the documentary will reportedly focus on everything from beyonce's upbringing to her new role as wife to jay-z and mother to 11-month-old blue ivy. a special sneak peek of the film also shows beyonce baring her then tiny baby bump. just weeks after learning she was pregnant. beyonce is posting behind the
3:57 am
scenes photos of her own too, posing with baby blue even with her absentee ballot. >> she is ready to share her life in a deeper way. i think the fans are going to be really excited about that. >> reporter: seems the woman who famously sang -- ♪ you must not know about me >> reporter: -- is finally ready for us to learn a little bit more. cecilia vega, abc news. >> can't wait to see beyonce's private side. it's going to be great, great thing. >> her private side? >> her private side. yeah. >> yeah, see. don't get jealous, willis! i know you asked about that night, she went with a real man, willis, sorry, baby. don't get jealous. not there. i see you jealous behind the camera, willis. >> i would rather go with you, than rob. >> you so jealous, man, put down your haterade, man. put down your haterade, willis. >> i'm going to tell you something! >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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